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Snap, Crackle & Pop. A fitting description of Nudge as they took to the stage of Life Cafes Basement venue on another wet and windy winter Monday night.
With the P.A. almost fit to busting point, the guitar rack rotated gracefully, stage right, full of Nudge Guitars and a bit of new technology squealed its way through the gig. In almost disturbing manner, Nudge relish such challenges and somehow bounced through another vibrant and anthemic set.
With the bass swathing through any technical "noises" , the two guitars of EO and ROG have you thinking of The Undertones or Jesus and Mary Chain, with the dynamics that they encapsulate. Nige Nudge kicks up the rhythm section and then the jumping antics of Harry Nudge stamp a firm theme onto tonights gig.
Since we first came across them earlier in the year, Nudge had been relatively quiet and have literally burst back onto the scene. With tonight and a couple more appearances in the pipeline before Christmas, you would be wise to check them out and to grab hold of a copy of their debut e.p. Its so popular that people have been stealing copies and selling them on the black market !
It's a great set and again a worthwhile experience, which despite being frustrating for the band, actually sounds pretty good. The slamming down of the bass at the end of the set was the best bit though ….especially when Daryn Nudge had to go back up on stage and pick it up ! Recommended.