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Its a bit of a change getting a tape - and bands..there's nothing wrong with doing things this way. In this case, the recording and packaging are first rate - Nudge are very witty and intelligent in their self-promotion campaign and their web-site is well worth a visit.
They are honest about their "references" which can at times be detected on the tracks sampled - however they are in good taste and worth the influence.
"If Anything" has a quite repetitive but mesmerising riff , which allows the song to build - its overlong but it does appear to be deliberately epic.
"Boys On Fire" may have Green Watch running for the CO2 canister, but the flames are probably too hot by now - Obvious guitar work is actually great ! and the 80's influences work well and with originality.
"Pistol Whippers" is a quieter and slower affair.
Nudge are quite melodic, but without the syrup - melancholy angst is being stolen at the moment and sold in bottles, and Nudge avoid these troubled waters well. If the tapes cheap its worth getting hold of / details to follow and there's a CD available (apparently)- See them live !