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chairsmissing3 - nudge : the roadhouse, 27/10/00
Oh Why oh why do we do this ? - There's a lot of grief behind these events, in terms of organisation, 'will we break even?', coordinating the acts and laying out the venue. But by midnight on the night, you know its been worth it, as everyone who has turned up, has had a great time and is still hanging around for a farewell drink.
You see Chairsmissing isn't just the trusty SovTwins and maybe not the venue. Chairsmissing is about the bands and of perhaps of more importance, it is all about the people who attend it. If you like, we are YOUR guests for the night. YOU create the atmosphere and the vibe and without it, the whole CM vehicle would lose it's wheels.
So, as we approach the last CM (4), a big thanks - we may even do some more next year...

...So to our old favourites Nudge. Having corresponded with them for many months and
seeing them earlier this year, at last we can unleash these Indie Dervishes on an
unsuspecting CM crowd.
Bouncing through the entire set, the audience introduced the art of pogoing to the
Roadhouse floor. With their good tunes and plenty of the right stuff, you've got to
watch out for these boys, they're on fire....